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Package includes 3 visits
                            Visit 1: Consultation
You will be asked detailed questions about your previous and current hair history as well as your daily activities. Information will be given about the care and maintenance of your hair that will include banding, shampooing, the Sisterlocks™ product line, the settling-in phase, retightening, price and mandatory follow-up visits.  A number of Sample Locks will be put in to determine what will be the best locking pattern for your hair. They will be monitored from the time put in until you return for your next visit.
Visit 2: The Installation
At this visit your Consultant will install the Sisterlockswith the pattern that worked best in your hair. The locking process is an average of 12-16 hours or longer in some cases as well as having as few as 400 locks in your head. This process takes 2-3 days to complete. You will be given a follow-up date to return, your starter kit and how to wash your hair prior to your follow-up visit.
Visit 3: The Follow-up
At this session your hair will be checked for minor re-tightening, answer any questions that you may have and to make your next official appointment. Your appointment maybe within a 4-6 week intervals depending on your hair type and how fast it grow. It may take your Consultant 4 hours to retighten, should no other problems arise. Sisterlocks certification is your assurance that an individual has not only been properly trained in our techniques, but has gone on to demonstrate their proficiency in several important areas like, proper locking size, adequate consultations, long-term maintenance, and more.
For more questions or concerns view  the Sisterlockswebsite
1. Please be on time.
2. This is a Christian, clean, professional and smoke- free environment.
3. Hair must be shampooed at least 2 days prior to appointment.
4. A deposit is to be made upon confirming appointment. For Sisterlocks/ Brotherlocks half is made at the time the appointment is made and balance made in full 48 hours (2 days) before session begins.
5. **Advance notice of a min of 48 hours (2 days) of cancellation, if not clients' deposit will be forfeited.
7. For each referral, the client will receive $25 credit per visit.
8. Sorry NO checks! Cash, money orders, and credit/debit cards only. For card users, Square Card services will be used and any service fees applied will be handle by client at the end of service. For more information, please
9. Momentum’s Body N Hair, LLC reserve the right to take photographs of work or work in progress for advertisement and demonstrating.
10. Please come alone to all appointments.
11. ABSOLUETLY NO CHILDREN unless being serviced.


We reserve the right to change prices without notification.
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